What You Will Get With Your Intensive Customized High Performance Health Masterclass

What would your dream therapy look like and do for you?


Would it be service centered, available to truly understand your problems, and come up with customized life changing solutions?

Would it be focused on helping you inject some powerful lifestyle health and mindset strategies into your life to boost energy, brain function and help you get the body and business of your dreams?

Would it be actionable and easy to implement for just 30 minutes daily, attaining rapid fat loss, incredible health and superhuman performance outcomes that has scientific cutting edge health solutions used around the world?

Dr. Hanan Selim


My company, Healology Health Events and Centers, is focused on bringing the best futuristic healthcare to busy people around the world. We strive to give the healthcare experience that you’re looking for:

… As you may know, Harvard research has shown that the #1 cause of bankruptcy in first world countries is due to medical expenses (both personal and business).

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Here is what you will get in your Healology Masterclasses:


Customized High Performance, Holistic Health Goodness with Dr. Hanan (me). I will have reviewed your analysis prior to the masterclass so I can add as much value to you as possible. Connect with me from anywhere in the world via my 30 minutes 2 health membership portal where you will a supportive community on your Healology journey. 

Personality and diagnostic profiling to customize steps for 30 minutes 2 health daily implementation (everyone is different keeping in mind the foundational frame work of health transformation).

Peak Performance and Incredible Health Analysis – Uncover many of the hidden areas that are blocking you from experiencing high performance and incredible health.

Uncover the top core root cause (mindset) blocking you from maximizing your performance, getting to your ideal weight, increasing your energy, creativity and innovation while enjoying your family and business.

Reveal the top action steps in your 30 minutes 2 health prescription that you need to take (and sub steps for each) that will render the fastest results and be your biggest WINS.

Follow-up personalized forum me reviewing, guiding and supporting you with the essential action steps for your convenience. 

Customized lab test and diagnostics recommendations (optional for those that want access to the most cutting edge lab tests available).

The solutions you will get from these resources may only take you a 30 minutes per day to implement, but have the potential to double or even triple your energy and results along with helping you get the body and health of your dreams.

You’ve probably never had a doctor invest this much of high quality time with you, have you?

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Comprehensive personal analysis
  • Micronutrients Deficiencies Lab
  • Transformation Health Complete
  • Advanced Healing Panel
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils Immuno-Lab
  • And Many More…
  • Anti-Aging Genetics Nutrition
  • Brain Optimization foods
  • That’s what you deserve!

You can invest a little now or…

… spend A LOT later…

According to the research, if you were in a room with 100 people, 50 of them will expire prematurely of heart disease, 25 of them will die prematurely from cancer and stroke and neurological diseases cause damage in many of the remaining 25 people.

Where could you potentially fall in?

As you know by now, these diseases start 10 to even 30 years before they kill. 


Can You Afford Not To Invest Into You Now?

This is what COULD BE AVOIDED by investing into yourself now…

That’s why it’s important TO LIVE THE HEALOLOGY LIFESTYLE NOW!


Here Are Your Options
(This Is A Life Altering Decision)

1. Traditional Medical Approach 

This type of care is excellent for emergency situations (Ex: if you severed a limb), however, it rarely, if ever helps you maximize your performance and incredible health long-term. This organ/symptoms-based “treat the effect” system is really good at addressing symptoms but it’s not very good at creating life enhancing health and mindset strategies. (Remember, the average doctor has 1 hour worth of nutrition training and 0 hour alternative healing training).


2. Only Alternative Healthcare 

Most chiropractors, naturopaths and homeopaths focus on treating the symptom with an adjustment, remedy or supplement, and typically never spend enough time with you to customize the best holistic health approach and help you get the results you deserve.


3. Concierge Medicine

I’m going to tell it to you like it is. This is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” industry. There are hundreds of doctors each month flooding into this type of practice as it affords a cushier lifestyle and there’s more money to be made. Here are the 2 main benefits of concierge medicine:

Smaller practice size, so you get appointments

4. Healology Holistic Healthcare 

This is what I do. Rapid fat-loss, incredible health and superhuman performance live here. We focus on creating long-term sustainable “epigenetic” change by removing the 6 compounding factors. We heal the root cause behind the condition infuse custom, quality essential micronutrients essential oils into your body to create sufficiencies and we remove stress toxins. This creates purity and power on an intra-cellular level. On top of that we help you integrate lifestyle health and mindset strategies that will save you time and truly upgrade your life to superhuman performance!


I can’t work with everyone…

Which is why I created intensive world leading masterclasses.

Book now, seats are limited to my fully booked events.

And with how popular these workshops have been it could be fully booked any day now.

I just have to be realistic. I can’t work with everyone across, and wanted to transform the health of 322,911,787 lives, so choose you and self-care for a change. So, you keep enjoying your family and business or career.


  • Bulletproof Executive RECOMMENDED Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Dr. Hanan is an award winning author, speaker and excellence in healthcare consultant pharmacist
  •  Expert In Lifestyle disease Root Cause analysis
  • Expert In health and mindset Lifestyle Solutions
  •  Expert In Optimizing Mind-Organ-Brain Conversation
  • Expert In Performance, rapid fat-loss and Nutrition
  • Clinical Compounding Pharmacist of Natural Medicine
  •  Coaches & Trains Healthcare Professionals In Private Masterminds