30 Minutes to Health 6 Weeks Program


30 Minutes to Health 6 Weeks Program

$1,999.00 $997.00

Paying it forward in remembrance of my late father
For every new book copy sold and program, I’m donating funds to enable 3rd world country in a low-income community improve their environment for better water and food supply. So you can invest in your health, and in the world’s underprivileged communities at the same time!
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Six Weeks Extensive Health Program with Weekly Workshops for people suffering from health conditions related to four main lifestyle diseases: Obesity, Endometriosis/infertility, Diabetes, and Cancer.


Program Duration of program Frequency Time Frame Price
30 Minutes 2 Health 6 weeks Once a week 3 hrs $997


Here is the Schedule for Each Category of Health Issue you could be experiencing. Attend the relevant program class you will need according to your condition.

Health Issue Program Day Start Date Occurrence
Fitness/Fatloss 30M2H-Fitness Intensive Pro Monday 28/1/2019 Every Monday till 6 weeks
Diabetes 30M2H-Diabetes 2 Natural Cure Pro Tuesday 29/1/2019 Every Tuesday till 6 weeks
Cancer 30M2H-Cancer Prevention Intensive Pro Wednesday 30/1/2019 Every Wednesday till 6 weeks
Endometriosis/infertility 30M2H-Endomtriosis/PCOS/Infertility Intensive Pro Thursday 31/1/2019 Ever Thursday till 6 weeks