A study by Dr. Hanan Selim showed ways in which a person’s energy and health may be transformed. The master class is said to save you time and also your life, (sounds amazing). Visits to the doctor’s office are usually a bit disappointing and let’s admit the fact that he is rushed makes us get the general symptoms based treatment.

The doctor’s class tries to bring out the difference between how you feel and how you function, (I know what you are thinking but let me continue). This explanation was attached with questions such as why people are diagnosed with stage 4 cancer but never at any point displayed any symptom?

One new thing though is that painkillers do take away your pain at that moment but it depletes your body of the most powerful anti-oxidants known as glutathione that is known to fight cancer and diabetes. Painkillers are not the only issue, with every medication you are on; there is   creation of severe micronutrient deficiencies.

The explained reasons may be why most of us prefer alternative doctors to modern ones well apparently it creates the same problem as the modern medicine since most alternative doctors use a cloak of functional medicine  so as to sell more. Others use cheap synthetic which aren’t the same with nature’s finest hence end up making the supplements ineffective.

The disgusting part is that because your body doesn’t recognize the foreign elements so the best way to eject these materials is through urinating (imagine that) the above facts have been researched  through lab tests of “supplement taking junkies” that came up vitamin deficiency.( for the supplements they were trying to add mind you)

There are three factors that block you from an amazing life, sweet relationships and of course gracing peacefully so that you see your grandchildren with perfect health  and they include:

  • Toxicities
  • Deficiencies
  • Life strategies

These factors cause a massive amount of energy depleting inflammation within the body leading to a vast of many diseases that may be presented in the 21st century. Usually the conventional methods of the first step of therapy like pills block the essential nutrients from your food that you need to boost the body’s fighting mechanism and at the same time causing other side effects.
The study tries to bring awareness on simple strategies that may be simple strategies for weaning in the pills in a healthy way.
Dr. Hanan Selim states there is an essential step to finding the root cause of the disease so that the pills work effectively and permanently.

The doctor’s master class tries to explain that dependence on pills brings out a hazardous outcome and that we should be careful enough so that we are awarded by a long healthy life.