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Are you ready to fully manifest your amazing Health and Body shape with personalized VIP support?


I work privately each year with a limited number of clients who want to achieve their best potential health and body. Together we will:


Design or refine the best individualized plan towards the outcomes that’s right for you.

Find out the blocks or issues that's holding you back form your optimum health, body and life.

Breakthrough sessions to release negative emotions to achieve your optimal emotional, spiritual and physical health

Create your seasonal diet that's right for your body type and Ethnicity using my Signature seasonal diet System .

Release any inner conflict (Trauma) and break bad habits to irresistible likes or addictions.

Develop client-coach trust worthy realtionship by respecting client's individual beliefs and values.

This kind of VIP support takes away the guess work and frustration of doing everything on your own. You’ll have easy access to me through private coaching and mentoring sessions, unlimited emailing and support.

We’ll create the best strategies for you and I’ll keep you moving forward on high payoff actions that will effectively achive your goals with ease and grace


Here’s what others say:

Working privately with Dr. Hanan is well worth the investment. In a short time my health and body has transformed into a more powerful body while having fun and using her reliable approach. I’m becoming smarter with my health strategy without exercising more and keeping fit. Dr. Hanan helped me focus on my outcomes and achieve the emotional, spiritual and physical that all worked in concert. It’s raised my confidence and self image significantly. And my life  couldn't be better!



I recently had a chance to attend a few sessions with Dr. Hanan. It turned out to be a great experience for me. I feel really positive and energised.
Thank you Ma’am for your wonderful support



Salam Alykum dr 
The more i do what you asked me to do the more I remembered my strength 
I become company manager at gate of 23 air line company. The captain,crew and passenger was all in my hands it was summer and I was accountant as the accountant took break 
Thank you for reminding me all that 
I also I remember I was always A+ in my university  never did I get B. Even tho I was working full time but I used to study inside the bus or my break time in the office 
Jaska ALLAH khyr dr can't wait to see you again





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