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Why Choose 30 Minutes 2 Health-Wall

  • The 30M2H Platform (Super Natural Hacks 2 Health for 30 minutes a day)
  • Your way of transforming your health and well-being as an entrepreneur,
    getting healthy while enjoying your business and family to a wealthier and
    much happier family. It’s your time to thrive!
  • You were born to feel amazing, beautiful and sexy!
  • Looking for simplicity when it comes to transforming your lifestyle disease to
  • Ready to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin?
  • Tired of fad programs, pills, doctor visits, lab tests and side effects that don’t
    meet what needs to be done?
  • Ready to feel alive again like you used to before the obesity, cancer, diabetes,
    endometriosis or polycystic ovarian cyst syndrome that got in the way?
  • Ready to kick the “disease” blues and welcome endless energy and bliss into
    your life, business and family?
  • Are you looking for Group healing and health transformation masterclasses that
    are fun and varied?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone!

People of Influence


My name is Dr. Hanan Selim. I am a holistic health practitioner, Preventative and superhuman performance consultant.

Entrepreneurs and managers come to me as they have reached a point where they are ready to put themselves first, regain their health, be more creative and innovative for themselves and business and most importantly love who they become.

As an accomplished 25-year healthcare veteran in today’s exponential and fast moving society, we find ourselves trying to balance work, family and additional commitments, letting our health go to the sideline. Suddenly, you find yourself not well and with one of the 21 century lifestyle disease due to the stress and demands on you? Often as entrepreneurs we are left feeling lethargic, stressed and unhealthy. Our time is usually spent prioritizing our business and family needs (which we do so well). Not surprising your health often comes at the expense of our busy lifestyle.


At what point did it become a selfish act to put yourself first and embrace your self-worth? We are always told during any flight emergency instructions to put our oxygen mask on first before helping others, even if it’s your own child. I promise you that prioritizing your own health will have a positive impact on you, your family and business. It’s a beautiful domino effect.


The 30M2H Wall

A membership filled with information, videos, exercises and permanent health transformational advice. This group was designed to offer entrepreneurs a safe place where they can seek an abundance of information and support to live a life full of incredible health, time and wealth.

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If you’re like millions of others, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. An overload of incorrect healthcare information (sometimes from the fifth second opinions), so-called magic pills, fad diets, newest therapy and/or drugs. I was through the same when I went from being the accomplished healthcare professional to the patient. I’ve been where you are, frustrated and annoyed with trying to be healthy when life is pulling you in every other direction. Just like you, I knew I wanted to be fit, reverse my dangerous lifestyle diseases, feel good, be healthier, and gain access to that innate natural source of self-healing we are all equipped with. I so dearly researched on the best testing ground, my own life. I was ready to commit, but unsure where to turn to when conventional medicine I was the expert in failed me (cancer indicators went from 50 to 700 in less than 3 months).

The 30M2H Membership is in response to this need and to help my clients cut through the clutter, regain control of their health, eat clean, learn the health and mind hacks in the Healology system (root cause analysis plus natural therapeutic grade essential oils) that allowed me to lose 30kgs in 10 months, reverse my life-threatening conditions and have superhuman performance to surpass the fast society we live in and unleash exponential growth for my family and business. So you feel like your absolute best.

It all starts with you making the commitment to take responsibility for your health and well-being. To embrace self-care practices and make small lasting changes that takes only 30 minutes a day to implement towards a healthier you. If you would like to join our limited group masterclasses in addition to this amazing community keep scrolling.

Once you make the commitment, the magic starts to happen.

You’ll finally find your place again, feel good in your body and have the confidence to get through your day unhinged!

Here's what you will gain

  • Simple strategies to make changes to your health and fitness.
  • Motivation and accountability as you progress through your personal journey.
  • Access to insights and expertise from myself and guest speakers.
  • An understanding of how to make changes to your health permanently.
  • Healthy hacks and simple challenges to keep you progressing.
  • Inspiration to get moving, find and heal the root cause behind your lifestylecondition that works for you.
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Here’s what is included in your access each month

  • Interactive Support Forum- Access to an amazing support forum of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you stay focused and on track.
  •  Weekly Challenges and Daily Posts – Each week you will be issued with a new health challenge with daily posts on a range of topics including; motivation, mindset, health hacks, intensive programs, and plenty of Q&A opportunities.
  •  Monthly Group Coaching Calls – Monthly zoom calls will provide you with an opportunity to access group coaching and keep informed on up to date health and well-being topics for obesity, diabetes, cancer, endometriosis and PCOS.
  • Half day/Full day “Monthly Masterclasses” Delivered by Dr. Hanan Selim and/or other top international speakers valued at AED 1,500+ per person/session
  • Intensive Online Masterclass Series- “30minutes2health”-Delivered by Dr. Hanan Selim and/or thought leaders and influential voices Breakthrough coaching session and video testimonial (1-2 only per month).
  • Will be selected by lottery for all the subscribers and attendees. Est value AEDS 3,000-8,000.
  • Cost of subscription AED 149 (10% of total value offered)
  • Guest Speakers – A range of guest speakers are invited to join our group coaching calls to provide you with specialist information relevant to your journey.
  • Weekly Live Videos – Weekly live videos led by the request of the group.
  • Exclusive Membership Site – Additional content will be released each week and at the beginning of each month including fermentation recipes, exercise hacks, e books, and much more.
  • Exclusive offers – Be the first to take advantage of my programs at discounted prices.

Terms & Conditions

  • Full membership must be paid upfront.
  • Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Membership is not refundable.
  • Booking is subject to availability.
  • Voucher and membership are not valid with any other existing offer / package.
  • Booking must be done 24 hours in advance.
  • Gold card can be utilised by 1 family member / friend (only when register with a name and phone number).
  • Platinum can be utilised by 1 family member / friend (only when register with a name and phone number).
  • Retail, Prescription and OTC (over the counter) medicines are excluded.
  • Cancellation or rebooking request must be placed 24 hours in advance otherwise it will be considered as obtained.
  • The management retains the right to reject any voucher is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Last few days i open my memory box, declutter any memory i have got lots of things resolved.Today i was on fitness test after last muscle tear my doctor freaked out when he saw me using stairs instead of lift, Pre and post fitness test passed

I love being a part of this group. I never feel like I am on my own and I am learning more every day

The guest speakers bring so much insight and it is wonderful to have such a collective group of inspirational people in one place.