Corporate Wellness

Attitude and Behavior of Excellence

Our corporate wellness workshops build a foundation for a sustainable culture of success and fullfillment, by focusing on the individual’s physical, mental and emotional well being in order to achieve optimal results in their performance in the workplace.

The workshop is designed for you to be equipped with tools and techniques that will allow you to:

  • Build credibility and connection with your clients
  • Overcoming fears and nervousness
  • Manage objections in an effective and confident manner
  • Discover and uncover hidden opportunities
  • Master seding positive messages

All of this leading to an increase in sales and repeat business thus making your consultative professional confident and a great presenter.

Workshop inclusives:

  • Workshop delivered in DUBAI or SHARJAH
  • includes workbook and lunch
  • Certificate of Achievement for each participant

Work mind balance

For a group of 10+ individuals we can arrange to visit your premises and design a

program specific to your requirements.

Today’s corporate world is very competive and demanding for advanced knowledge and skills.This tends to place an overwhelm of pressure for the corporate executives.They are left  feeling pressured, stressed, exhausted with less effeciency. Resulting in less affective skills, capabalities,productivity and performance.

With our go to system to get you focused and enthusistic towards your goals and outcomes called the work Mind Balance. This system is a 30 minute session specifically to reduce stress and anger management in turn increase productivity, creativity, focus and empowerment towards your work load .

The system is designed to relax and calm you leaving you focused on the work at hand and be able to resolve problems in a more effective and effecient manner.

The Benefits of Work Mind Balance are:

– A reduction in stress and anxiousness
– Increased focus, awareness and recollection
– Effeciency in building, planning,resolutions and brainstorming
– self confidence and self worth
– A state of calm, relaxation and balance

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