Meet Dr. Hanan

Meet Dr. Hanan

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Dr. Hanan is an experienced registered Consultant Pharmacist  and Health  coach based in  United Arab Emirates. She helps you tackle your diet and Health issues and presents realistic solutions to achieve your goals. Dr. Hanan  graduated from St. John's University New York with a first class honours degree in Pharmacy and Certifiactions in Natural methodoloigies like Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and NLP. After 20 years in healthcare she set up her own consultancy to teach the "mind and body connection" methods to her clients to recover your health and body shape.


Since she was 7 years old she knew she wanted to help people achieve their best health and body shape. Dr. Hanan experienced severe obesity that lead to her own health deteriation.The Obesiy caused her to acquire serious  diseaeses including borderline cancer, cholesteral, ovarian cysts and Endometriosis. Using her health professional experience and natural methologodies she cracked the code to better health and body shape. She coaches her clients this simple code of the mind and body connection. The 5 simple step strategy code helped her release 28 kgs in 10 months and gain her complete health. This code  of the Mind and body connection helped many clients recover their own health and body shape. She calls this code "the health recovery and body shape system".



Awareness. As we journey through our lives we come into greater energetic awareness of ourselves, others and our life's gifts.


Journey. We journey ourselves into a life of mystery and unfolding events; we story tell as we create a life of optimal fulfillment.


Transform. Update and eradicate old habituations, belief structures, relationships and memories that no longer serves you. Release, clear and optimize you mind and body. Renew cellular and molecular structures of your being. 


Resolve. Clear outdated patterns of behavior, old relationships, cords, blocks, fear and anxiety. Create space for you to inhabit yourself. Be whole.


Heal. Traumas, addictions, wounds, childhood, relationships, fear, physical ailments, anxiety. Energetically release yourself from psychological and emotional barriers. 


Experience. Learn what it feels like to be in awareness of your energetic self, to take control of who you really are, to experience your true self, the internal functions of your body, your innate intuition. Learn to heal yourself. 


Identify. Access your inner wisdom; be in flow of your life’s direction; create and broaden new life perspectives and open to the mystery and abundance while deepening your inner life's journey.


Connect. Abundance in your life awaits; energetically clear your body and facilitate your own high energetic and optimal self. 


Consciously evolve and Love while transforming your life and integrating your body mind and spirit into the brilliance that is you. I am my optimal me...transformed.




Dr. Hanan Selim Health Recovery and Body shape
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